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Seminaria w roku 2021/22

Seminaria w roku 2020/21:

Wtorek, 25.05.'21, 14:15, webminar
Jakub Gismatullin(IMUWr) Surjunctivity, dual surjunctivity and Kaplansky conjectures Abstract

Wtorek, 18.05.'21, 14:15, webminar
Jan Dymara(IMUWr) Growth series of Coxeter groups Abstract

Wtorek, 11.05.'21, 14:15, webminar
Oleg Bogopolski(Dusseldorf University) Exponential equations in groups Abstract

Wtorek, 27.04.'21, 14:15, webminar
Thomas Haettel(U. Montpellier) Group actions on injective metric spaces Abstract

Wtorek, 20.04.'21, 14:15, webminar
Michał Marcinkowski(IMUWr) A simple proof that the L_p-diameter of Diff_0(S, area) is infinite Abstract

Wtorek, 13.04.'21, 14:15, webminar
Jingyin Huang(Ohio State U.) Measure equivalence rigidity of 2-dimensional Artin groups of hyperbolic type Abstract

Olga Varghese(U. Münster) Automatic continuity from a geometric perspective Abstract

Wtorek, 02.03.'21, 14:15, webminar
Motiejus Valiunas(IMUWr) Leary–Minasyan groups and their classification up to isomorphism Abstract

Wtorek, 02.02.'21, 14:15, webminar
Ingrid Membrillo Solis(U. Southampton) Detecting the singular points of an orbifold via its Hodge-Laplace spectrum Abstract

Wtorek, 26.01.'21, 14:15, webminar
Alexander Zakharov(IMUWr) Some algorithmic problems about subgroups in RAAGs Abstract

Wtorek, 19.01.'21, 14:15, webminar
Piotr Przytycki(McGill U.) Tail equivalence of unicorn paths Abstract

Wtorek, 15.12.'20, 14:15, webminar
Motiejus Valiunas(IMUWr) Helly groups and relative hyperbolicity Abstract

Wtorek, 08.12.'20, 14:15, webminar
Damian Osajda(IMPAN) Helly Groups Abstract

Wtorek, 01.12.'20, 14:15, webminar
Jacek Świątkowski (IMUWr) Boundaries of hyperbolic Coxeter groups in low dimensions - a survey Abstract

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