Anna Wysoczańska-Kula
Mathematical Analysis Group

Polish version
Office in IM 10.5, tel. 71-375-70-95.
E-mail: anna.kula (at) math.uni.wroc.pl

Institute of Mathematics,
University of Wroclaw
pl. Grunwaldzki 2/4
50-384 Wroclaw, Poland
Office hours (winter term 2017):
Monaday 11:00-12:00,
Thursday 13:00-14:00.

Research interests:
quantum groups,
noncommutative probability,
noncommutative stochastic processes.

Non-commutative/discrete harmonic analysis (Thursday, 10-12, room 604)

  1. SONATA Fellowship founded by the Polish National Science Center, 2017-2020.

  2. FUGA PostDoctoral Fellowship No. 2012/04/S/ST1/00102 founded by the Polish National Science Center, 2012-2014.

Recent publications:
  1. Anna Kula, Michał Wojtylak, Janusz Wysoczański; Rank two perturbations of matrices and operators, and operator model for t-transformation of probability measures.
    Przyjęte do druku w Journal of Functional Analysis 272, Issue 3 (2017), pp. 1147-1181. Dostęp on-line.
  2. Uwe Franz, Anna Kula, Adam Skalski; Lévy Processes on Quantum Permutation Groups.
    Noncommutative Analysis, Operator Theory and Applications, Fabio Cipriani, Fabrizio Colombo, Irene Sabadini (eds.), Linear Operators and Linear Systems 252, Birkhäuser Basel, 2016, pp. 193-259. On-line access.
  3. Biswarup Das, Uwe Franz, Anna Kula, Adam Skalski; One-to-one correspondence between generating functionals and cocycles on quantum groups in presence of symmetry.
    Mathematische Zeitschrift 281, Issue 3 (2015), pp. 949–965. On-line access.
    More publications

Teaching 2017/2018:
Selected topics in analysis and topology 1 (more, in Polish)