Daniel Danielski
PhD student in mathemathics (Geometric Group Theory)
• (co-author: Emanuel Kieroński) Unary Negation Fragment with equivalence relations has finite model property. LICS 2018 Proceedings, pp. 285--294. Extended and improved version: [arXiv].
• (co-author: Emanuel Kieroński) Finite satisfiability of Unary Negation Fragment with transitivity. MFCS 2019. Full version: [arXiv]. Presented also at Description Logic Workshop 2019.
Right-angled Coxeter groups with Menger curve boundary. Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, Volume 54, Issue 3, June 2022, Pages 977--995. [BLMS][arXiv].
• (co-author: Jacek Świątkowski) A note on the complete characterizations of hyperbolic Coxeter groups with Sierpiński curve boundary and with Menger curve boundary. Preprint. [arXiv].
• Graph Theory, Wed 14:15--16:00, [Course's webpage]
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