Jan Dobrowolski

Current address:
Alan Turing Building
Department of Mathematics
University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL, UK
Office G.112
Email: jan.dobrowolski at manchester.ac.uk

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Workshop on NIP and groups

Research interests

I am interested in model theory and its connections with algebra and topology, particularly in:


    Published articles:
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    Submitted articles and preprints:
  17. M. Bays, J. Dobrowolski, T. Zou, Elekes-Szabó for groups, and approximate subgroups in weak general position, arXiv:2107.05547, 2021.

  18. J. Dobrowolski, D. Hoffmann, On rank not only in NSOP1 theories, arXiv:2111.02389, 2021.