EU project 705410 - GROUPNIP

Workshop on NIP and groups

Basic information

Hosting institution: University of Leeds

Project supervisor: Dugald MacPherson, H.D.MacPherson @

Researcher: Jan Dobrowolski, J.Dobrowolski @

Project period: 01.03.2017-28.02.2019

The project is financed by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 705410

Summary of the project

The project focusses on an interplay between the model theory of NIP theories, group theory, and topology. Groups arise both as definable objects in first order structures and as invariants of first order theories (for example, as model-theoretic homology groups, Ellis groups of certain flows arising naturally in model theory, and as Lascar-Galois groups).

Papers supported by the project

Conference talks supported by the project:

  • Polish structures, LYMOTS, Leeds, 11.03.2017.

  • A characterization of NTP1, Shanghai Model Theory Workshop 2017, Shanghai, 27.05.2017

  • Dp-minimality, Model Theory in Wrocław 2017, Wrocław, 01.07.2017

  • Dp-minimal theories, The 15th Asian Logic Conference, Daejeon, 12.07.2017

  • Omega-categorical inp minimal groups, rings, and bilinear forms Korean Association for Mathematical Logic Meeting, 25.05.2018.

  • Inp-minimal groups, rings, and bilinear forms, Joint meeting of the Italian Mathematical Union, the Italian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Polish Mathematical Society, Wroclaw, 17.09.2018.

  • Localized Lascar group, Neostability Theory, Oaxaca, 16.10.2018.


A workshop related to the subject of the project will be held at the University of Leeds in January 2019 (see the link above).