Harmonic Analysis and Group Actions in Analysis
Geometry and Probability

Zakopane  April 12 - 20, 2008
Today is Friday, 15th Jun

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Pictures of Andrzej Hulanicki

E. Damek: A tribute to
Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Hulanicki

The conference is sponsored by The Institute of Mathematics, University of Wroc³aw, and the European Commission program Transfer of Knowledge 'HANAP'.

April 12 (Saturday) is meant to be the arrival day, though if it is more convenient for you to come a day earlier, there will be rooms to stay an extra night. Basically we plan Sunday April 20 to be the day of departure, but again should you be willing to stay an extra night this can be arranged.

We expect that many talks will be given. We plan two kinds of talks: long ones with long introduction that will make the talk accessible to all harmonic analysts and shorter devoted to a particular problem.

On Sunday, April 13, we plan to have talks by junior members of the conference. Talks by other researchers will take place Monday 14 - Saturday 19.

If you are giving a talk and you want to have the abstract of your talk available on the conference webpage send it to the organizers.

We will have the following equipment available: a beamer with a notebook computer, 2 overhead (transparency) projectors, and 2 screens. For traditional folk we will also provide the usual chalk-board. If you intend to use the beamer please check (in advance of your talk) that everything works.

Once you know the date and time of you arrival and departure let us know, we will book a taxi for you from and to Krakow airport - the more people in a taxi the cheaper. The information will also enable us to put together the details of the program.

The address of the conference site is:
Guest House "Sosnica
ul. Heleny Modrzejewskiej 7
34-500 Zakopane
tel. (+48) 182066796
e-mail: sosnica@gat.pl

Here you can find the information about the conference Harmonic Analysis and Related Problems we organized on winter 2006 also in Zakopane.


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