About the Conference

On April 17-24, 2010 we are going to organize a conference "Analysis, Geometry and Probability Related to Group Actions". It will be dedicated to the memory of Andrzej Hulanicki.

The conference will be held at the same location in Zakopane as the previous one and, again, we plan to have plenty of time for informal activities and hikes (an extended lunch break 12-16 in the afternoon).

April 17th (Saturday) is meant to be the arrival day, though if it is more convenient for you to come a day earlier, we can arrange the rooms to stay an extra night. Basically we plan Saturday April 24th to be the day of departure, but again should you be willing to stay an extra night we can help with the reservation.

The conference is organized with support from Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center (part of the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences IM PAN) and Institute of Mathematics (University of Wroclaw).