Poplog port to AMD64
This page is about 64-bit Poplog on AMD64 machines. To get 64-bit version you need working 32-bit Poplog distrubution. I used `linux-pc-1553.tar.gz' contained in bham-linux-poplog.tar.gz . You also need:

I assume that you have standard developement tools installed (after all, Poplog is a programming environment and wants to co-operate with other tools).

To build, chose a working directory and unpack in it `linux-pc-1553.tar.gz'. Apply the patch. Then run `build_popn'. The process will first create cross-compiler saved images (based on 32-bit corepop) and the create 64-bit `basepop11' and saved images. To get 64-bit `popc', `poplink' and `poplibr' you need to copy 64-bit `basepop11' into `corepop'. In pseudo bash code:

cd working_directory
tar -xzf path_to/linux-pc-1553.tar.gz
zcat path_to/amd64_v2.diff.gz | patch -p0
cp path_to/build_popn .
sh build_popn
cp pop/pop/basepop11 pop/pop/corepop
sh build_popn
Note that by default the system links in Motif, more precisely, I used LessTif. One can change the following line in `build_popn'
$usepop/pop/src/newpop -link -x=-xm -norsv -ved
$usepop/pop/src/newpop -link -x=-xt -norsv -ved
to get X toolkit version. On can also replace `-x=-xt' by `-nox' to get text-only version. For testing the little poplog script may be useful. After you change `poplogroot' variable to correct value it will set all the other environment variables.