TeX in C This is alpha version of TeX converted to C. Archive with current version .

The source is intended to be pure ANSI C, so you should be able to edit makefile and just remake. For developement `perl' is needed. If you do not have perl you may still re-bulid using provided C files.

Dvi files we get are different then dvi files from other TeX variants, mostly due to timestamp and size of output buffer. I wrote a little utility ( dvinorm.c ) which should remove most inessential differences. There are still diferences due to glue ratio rounding.

ramblings about this project. The bulk of conversion is done mechanically using 'p2c' ( more on conversion ). Currently, however the C version is my master source.

Currently path searching is very simple-mided: file are looked up in all directories in corresponding path. There are hardcoded defaults (good for me to run trip test), but you probably shuld set real paths using environment variables (TEXINPUTS, TEXFONTS and TEXFORMATS for tex, tfm and format files respectively). Path searching has Unix slash hardcoded --- if neccesary change in source.

Some issues .

Older stuff .