TeX in C older version Previous tarballs texinc-0.1.tar.gz

and texinc-0.0.tar.gz

Even older version: there is one big C file with translated code and two small auxilary files.

Sources ( do not click, download them): The compilation works using 'gcc' on Linux. The sources are pretty generic ANSI C, however some functions are about 1000 lines long (and tex.c is big) so they my extend compiler limits. The executable ('ttex') is an INITEX -- you may just input 'plain' in your file or first generate a format and then use it.

Usage: In the first case 'file.tex' must input the format file (source). File handling is primitive: set TEXINPUTS, TEXFONTS and TEXFORMATS to to specify path (list of directories) where the executable looks for input files, tfm-s and formats respectively.

BUG: If file has no '\end' the program will loop endlessly.

My current working directory (sources are duplicated there).