Equal Sums and Differences of Fourth Powers
I intend to maintain here a site dedicated to solutions of the diophantine equations
(4,2,2) a4+b4=c4+d4

(***) A4-B4=C4-D4=E4-F4

Before I can make the site reader friendly, you can have a look at the following files:

June 24, 2006
414.txt exhaustive list of 1009 solutions to (4,1,4) below 222,000

January 25, 2006
422-10m.txt exhaustive list of 1420 solutions to (4,2,2) below 10,000,000

January 8, 2006
mul175.txt 175 solutions to (***) below 10100 in multiplicative form, i.e. by giving x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3 as described in magic.pdf

January 4, 2006
422.zip (251 KB) 11089 solutions below 1014 to (4,2,2)

add40.txt or mul40.txt 40 solutions to (***) in additive or multiplicative form

high30.txt 30 more solutions to (***) in multiplicative form

magic.pdf some observations about solutions to (***)

solutions.pdf 40 solutions to (***) with many details

gaussian.pdf my personal notes (rather than clear presentation at the moment ;-( about some conclusions from unique factorization of Gaussian integers

Jaroslaw Wroblewski jwr@math.uni.wroc.pl