Problem Set on Equal Sums of Like Powers

This page contains programming problems that should help you learn some algorithms to search for Equal Sums of Like Powers, later refered to as ESLP. To learn what ESLP is about click here. This page is primarily addressed to students of Krzysztof Tabisz's seminar, but anyone interested is welcome to join in. In order to participate, you need to be able to read PS or my DVI files or PDF I produced or wait till I will learn to produce some other format. Any feedback from you will help me in running this business, so mail me any sugggestions or problems you have experienced.


Lesson 1 - Fourth Powers - PDF or PS or DVI
Lesson 1 - Appendix A - PDF or PS or DVI


The author of the problems: Jaroslaw Wroblewski
The head of the seminar: Krzysztof Tabisz
Participants (if you want to be in touch with other people who participate in this business, mail me and I will include your email and/or website link here):


623 solutions to (4,2,2) with radius (i.e. 4th root of sum of 4th powers on either side) below 1500000
The first 937 primitive solutions to (4,2,2) by Stuart Gascoigne.