The Wrocław Airport is located some 10 km from the center of the city. You can find it on Google Maps looking for "Wroclaw Airport". You can get to the center by bus 406 or by taxi. The bus 406 is leaving every 30 minutes and has a terminal stop at the main Railwail Station (called "Wrocław Główny"). Tickets can be purchased at any newspaper shop (or from the bus driver, on Sundays and after 20:00). The cost of the bus/train ticket is 2 złotys (or 2,40 when purchased in the bus). Taxi to the center may cost up to 70 złotys (20 euros).

Below on the map you can see the following locations:

The blue line shows the tram line from the Railway Station to the Tumski Hotel (lines: 8,9,11,17); the circles indicate tram stops. The green line shows a 15 minutes (nice) walk from the Tumski Hotel to the Instititute of Mathematics.

Hotel Tumski -- Institute of Mathematics

The next map shows the Railway Station area:

To get to the Tumski Hotel you need to take any of tram lines 11, 17, 8, or 9 in the direction indicated by the blue arrow and to get out on the 4th stop. (Note that you need to buy a separate ticket for the tram, since each ticket is valid only for one line).

Railway Station