26-31 July 2009 :: Wrocław :: Poland

7th International Olympiad in Linguistics

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Wrocław (pronounced ['vrotswaf], German "Breslau") is surely one of the most beautiful cities of Poland. With 630,000 inhabitants (+ about 100,000 students from sometimes far away!) it is the fourth-largest city of the country and the capital of the geographic, historical and administrative region of Lower Silesia (Southwest of Poland, boarding Germany and Czech Republic).
Like the lands of Silesia, Wrocław used to belong to the Kingdom of Bohemia, Habsburg Monarchy of Austria, and then to the Kingdom of Prussia, where it gained the official status of one of the three king's residences (together with Berlin and Königsberg). It was an important cultural, political and economic center in whole German Empire, being for a time the third-largest German city (after Berlin and Hamburg).

A lot of cultural events are organized in Wrocław, among them the world-famous Brave Festival, Wratislavia Cantans, Jazz on the Oder, and Era New Horizons (running during the 7th IOL!).

The University of Wrocław is over 300 years old now, which makes it the second-oldest university in Poland. Its main building has the longest (160 m!) barock facade in this part of Europe and hosts the Museum of the University together with the magnificent Aula Leopoldina.

Wrocław is also famous for its rivers and a dozen of islands. Having more than 100 bridges, Wrocław is called the Polish Venice and said to be the fourth or fifth in Europe in this category (after Amsterdam, Venice, Saint Petersburg and possibly also Hamburg)!

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Wrocław's must-sees

You are also strongly advised to see:

And you can reeealy enjoy the beautiful birds-eye view of Wrocław and quite a lot of its surroundings (sometimes including even the ridge of Karkonosze with Śnieżka, the highest mountain of the Sudetes!) from the towers of:

We also hope you will find enough time for relaxing walks on the banks of various Oder arms and channels!