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List of Kazimierz Urbanik's Ph.D. Students

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1962     Emanuel Strzelecki (Emeritus Professor at Monash University, Australia). Thesis: Metric properties of normed algebras.

1968     Wojbor A. Woyczyński (now at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA). Thesis: Ind - additive functionals on random variables.

1969     Bolesław Szafnicki (now in Germany). Thesis: On quantum informational thermodynamics with macrostates defined with respect to several operators.

1971     Jerzy Gilewski (now in France). Thesis: Generalized convolutions and Delphic semigroups.

1971     Jacek Kuiński (now at Technical University of Poznań, Poland). Thesis: Evolution of the mean number of particles in a cascade with doubling energy.

1971     Marek Pieńkowski (now at Dominican Order, Kraków, Poland). Thesis: Infinitely divisible stochastic processes and random integrals in linear spaces.

1974     Nguyen Chi Bao (now in Vietnam). Thesis: Functionals induced by processes with independent increments.

1975     Jerzy Kucharczak (now at University of Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland). Thesis: Operator-stable probability measures.

1976     Nguyen van Thu (now at Center for Natural Sciences and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam). Thesis: Prediction problems.

1977     Purewin Begzżaw (now in Ułan Bator, Mongolia). Thesis: Riesz property for Poissonian type processes.

1977     Zbigniew J. Jurek (now at University of Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland). Thesis: Limit distributions for sums of shrunken random variables with values in a Hilbert space.

1978     Andrzej Korzeniowski (now at University of Texas, Arlington, Texas, USA). Thesis: Convergence of martingales in Banach spaces.

1979     Wiesław Krakowiak ( now at University of Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland). Thesis: Operator-stable and operator-semi-stable probability measures on Banach spaces.

1981     Teresa Rajba (now at Technical University of \Lód\'z, \Lód\'z, Poland). Thesis: On decomposability semigroups of probability measures on the real line.

1982     Lesław Bielak (now in Germany). Thesis: Recurrent differential representations for stationary processes and their applications.

1985     Bogdan Mincer (now at University of Wrocław, Wroc\l aw, Poland). Thesis: Stability of measures with respect to groups of linear operators on a separable Hilbert space.

1988     Andrzej Wi¶niewski (now at University of Szczecin, Poland). Thesis: Linear measurable operators on Frechet spaces.