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Mandatory OSH training for first-year PhD students

Obligatory Training on health and safety and fire protection for first-year PhD students

Classes in winter semester 2019/2020

The course list is for informational purposes. You can choose other activities, in particular outside the Institute. This requires agreement with the scientific Guardian and the approval of the study director.

List of classes:

  • A. Bendikov, Introduction to modern Potential Theory
  • P. Biler, Chemotaxis Systems-Lecture in English description
  • T. Januszkiewicz, linear Algebra for doctoral candidates-lecture
  • Z. J. Jurek, theory of great deviations-lecture description
  • P. Klusik, Financial engineering 1
  • P. Klusik, Financial engineering 2
  • G. Plebanek, Proseminarium (Subject: Ultrafilters, Boolean algebras, certain subdivision assertions (eg. (Hindman and Van der Waerden), Introduction to Medium-term groups)
  • R. Szwarc, Banach algebra and spectral theory

PhD Students (2019/2020)