11 - 17.07.2010, Bêdlewo, Poland


  1. Luigi Accardi (Roma)
    Nonlinear extensions of the Weyl relations.

  2. Helene Airault (Insset-LAMFA)
    Brownian motion on univalent functions.

  3. Hiroshi Ando (Kyoto)
    Lie Group-Lie Algebra Correspondences of Unitary Groups in Finite von Neumann Algebras.

  4. Nobuhiro Asai (Aichi)
    The Construction of Various Non-Gaussian Probability Measures on $\mathbb C$.

  5. Viacheslav Belavkin (Nottingham)
    A Banach Algebra Approach to Noncommutative Integration.

  6. Włodek Bryc (Cincinnati)
    Meixner matrix ensembles.

  7. Marie Choda (Osaka Kyoiku)
    Positive definite matrices arising from unitaries.

  8. Joachim Cuntz (Münster)
    Cantor systems and number fields.

  9. P.K. Das (Kolkata)
    Weighted Energy Control of Quantum Mechanical System.

  10. Ken Dykema (Texas A&M)
    Bound on the spectral radius of random walks on nonamenable Baumslag-Solitar groups.

  11. Rachid El Harti (Settat)
    Stability results for C*-unitarisable groups.

  12. Uwe Franz (Besançon)
    On square roots of the Haar state of a compact quantum group.

  13. Takahiro Hasebe (Kyoto)
    Joint cumulants for natural independence.

  14. Takeyuki Hida (Nagoya & Meijo)
    A noise of new type and its generalized functionals.

  15. Robin Hudson (Loughborough)
    Yangians and quantum stochastic calculus.

  16. Jan Janas (Kraków)
    Decay bounds of eigenfunctions of unbounded Jacobi matrices.

  17. Paweł Kasprzak (Copenhagen)
    Quantum Homogeneous Spaces.

  18. Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (Tokyo)
    $N=2$ superconformal field theory and operator algebras.

  19. Dorota Kępa (Lublin)
    Euclidean Gibbs States of Quantum Systems on Graphs.

  20. Claus Köstler (Aberystwyth)
    Symmetry and independence in noncommutative probability.

  21. Anna Kula (Kraków)
    Brownian motions with BM-idependent increments.

  22. Seung-Hyeok Kye (Seoul)
    Facial structures of separable and PPT states.

  23. Hun Hee Lee (Chungbuk)
    Hypercontractivity on the $q$-Araki-Woods algebras.

  24. Franz Lehner (Graz)
    Free Lamplighter Groups and a Question of Atiyah.

  25. Romuald Lenczewski (Wrocław)
    Matricial freeness and random pseudomatrices.

  26. Marcin Marciniak (Gdańsk)
    On exposed positive maps.

  27. Masato Mimura (Tokyo)
    Fixed-point and Kazhdan-type theorems for universal lattice on Banach spaces.

  28. Jolanta Misiewicz (Warszawa)
    Symmetric weakly stable random vector is pseudo-isotropic.

  29. Takuho Miyamoto (Tohoku)
    Orbital Approach to Microstate Free Entropy.

  30. Naofumi Muraki (Iwate)
    On a certain `$q$-deformation' of free independence.

  31. Nobuaki Obata (Tohoku)
    Quantum probabilistic aspect to random walks on graphs.

  32. Mihai Popa (Negev & IMAR)
    Non-commutative functions in operator-valued non-commutative probability.

  33. Adam Skalski (Lancaster & Łódź)
    How noncommutative is noncommutative topological entropy?

  34. Alexander Soshnikov (UC Davis)
    On local distribution of eigenvalues in Wigner random matrices.

  35. Wojciech Szymański (IMADA)
    Endomorphisms of the Cuntz Algebras.

  36. Wilhelm von Waldenfels (Heidelberg)
    The Singular Coupling Limit for a Simple Pure Number Process.

  37. Stefan Wagner (Darmstadt)
    A new characterization of free group actions and a geometric approach to noncommutative principal $\mathbb{T}^n$-bundles.

  38. Stanisław Woronowicz (Warszawa)
    Schmüdgen commutation relations and quantum $ax + b$-group.

  39. Hiroaki Yoshida (Tokyo)
    On the free Fisher information distance and the logarithmic Sobolev inequality.

  40. Joachim Zacharias (Nottingham)
    On groups with the invariant translation approximation property.

  41. Karol Życzkowski (Kraków)
    Graph random quantum states and Fuss-Catalan distribution.