Opening of małgorzata Gwiazdonik-Müller exhibition "Wyszywanki for school" in the gallery Connector


We invite you on Wednesday, January 15, 2020. At 1pm. 18:00 to the gallery Connector for the opening of the exhibition małgorzata Gwiazdonik-Müller Wyszywanki for the school.

Exhibition description:

Wyszywanki for the school is an artistic project by Małgorzata Gwiazdonik-Müller, in which the artist combines tradition with the contemporary aesthetics of the photographic image. Sewing canvases sleeps with a thread of its own, non-daily story about women...

In the exhibited works, he refers to traditional makates acting as an educational role, determining the direction of married and family life, finding hidden meanings in them. The author of Wyszywanek exposes their original message, pointing to educational methods shaping the way of behavior and determining female roles as camouflaged violence. He uses an ironic sense of humor touching important areas of our lives. It triggers reflection on the process of education, shaping a man that starts at home. However, it does not focus only on the comfort of home, it points to the symbolic violence present in the way the utopian woman body is presented especially in advertising, affecting the perception of one's body and the resulting lack of Acceptance. The problem raised by Małgorzata Gwiazdonik-Müller encourages discussion of educational methods and their influence, not only on the so-called " "poor sex", but allows you to read the artist's statement in a broader social context.

Dr. Ewa Martyniszyn – curator of the exhibition

Statistical modeling workshops

Friday 20 December 2019 At 10:00 in hall 417 IM there will be statistical modeling workshops with missing data in R. During the first hour of the workshop, participants will learn about the different types of data shortages, typical approaches to them and new methods of regression with missing data. The second hour will be devoted to practical work with missing data in R.

The workshop will be led by Wei Jiang, phD student at CMAP at Ecole Polytechnique. It deals with statistical modelling with missing data from the theoretical and practical side and applications for medical data. She is a fan of R and Python. It is worth taking your laptop with you in case of a full room and no space at your computer.

Bears (Biostatistical Education And Research for Students) is warmly invited, which was founded under the care of Prof. Bogdan and Prof. Harezlaka.

Defending doctoral thesis Mgr. Michael Kosa


Welcome to the public defense of doctoral dissertation Mgr. Michael Kosa Pt.

Identification of important predictors in large databases. Theoretical properties and practical applications.

The defence will take place on Friday 29 November 2019. At 12:15 AM in the hall of the Mathematical Institute of UWr.

Defending doctoral thesis Mgr. Kamila Dyby


Welcome to the public defense of doctoral dissertation Mgr. Kamila Dyby Pt.

The use of multidimensional quantum functions to study the multidimensional stochastic ordination.

The defence will take place on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. At 12:15 in the Chamber of Sciences at the Institute of Mathematical UWr.

Defending doctoral thesis Mgr. Lahcena Oussi

Welcome to the public defense of doctoral dissertation Mgr. Lahcena Oussi Pt.

Border assertions for BM-independent random variables and related issues.

The defence will take place on Monday 23 September 2019. At 12:00 in the Chamber of Sciences at the Institute of Mathematical UWr.