Defending doctoral thesis Mgr. Kamila Dyby


Welcome to the public defense of doctoral dissertation Mgr. Kamila Dyby Pt.

The use of multidimensional quantum functions to study the multidimensional stochastic ordination.

The defence will take place on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. At 12:15 in the Chamber of Sciences at the Institute of Mathematical UWr.

Defending doctoral thesis Mgr. Lahcena Oussi

Welcome to the public defense of doctoral dissertation Mgr. Lahcena Oussi Pt.

Border assertions for BM-independent random variables and related issues.

The defence will take place on Monday 23 September 2019. At 12:00 in the Chamber of Sciences at the Institute of Mathematical UWr.

XXII Lower Silesian Science Festival in IM UWr


On 19-25 September in Wrocław there is the XXII Lower Silesian Festival of Science under the motto "between spirit and matter mediated by mathematics". On 20th September a popular science lecture will be held at the Institute of Mathematical UWr in the Hall of the HS:

  • Hours. 10:00 – Jacek Świątkowski, non-Euclidean inspirations in art
  • Hours. 11:00 – Paul Lorek, mathematics in image analysis and processing
  • Hours. 12:00Szymon Cygan, Andrzej Raczyński, biomatematics paintings

Seats are reserved for groups. For further information, please contact the secretariat of the Mathematical Institute, tel. 71 375 7401.

Meeting with Business and Science – Vol. 3


The scientific circle of applications of mathematics invites you to a third meeting with business and science, which will take place on Friday 7 June 2019. At 1pm. 15:55 in the room.

In the lecture program Dr. Inż. Adam Gonczarka of Alphamoon and Dr. Inż. Maciej Zięby and Maciej Zamorski, representing the company Tooploox and the Wrocław University of Technology.

Detailed Program



Tomasz Koberda, "Turing machine, Theory of Complexity and Cryptography" – Lecture in Wrocław mathematical meetings


On Saturday 1 June at the hour 12:45 We invite you to the HS room for a lecture by Tomasz Koberdy from the University of Virginia (USA), the winner of the THIRD edition of the contest for the prize to them. Kamila Duszenki (2017), which will be held in the framework of Wrocław mathematical meetings. The topic of the lecture is 

Turing machines, theory of complexity and cryptography.

XVII Polish Elemental Geometry Championships


On Saturday, June 1, 2019 At the UWr Mathematical Institute will be held the 17TH Polish Championship in elemental geometry. Participation can take everyone, there is no division into age categories. Applications last until 20 May. 

Detailed information and application form can be found here.