Model Theory Conference
Wrocław, 19 - 23 September 2023


Conference Location, Conference Hotel, Guest Rooms

The conference will take place in the Computer Science buildling which is adjacent to the Mathematics building as you can see here. Some of you stay in the guest rooms which are in the Mathematics building. Most of you stay in the WenderEDU hotel. It is at most 10 minutes walk between the WenderEDU hotel and the conference location.

From the Airport to the Main Train Station

A taxi from the airport to the city center should cost 70-100 Polish Złoty (15-22 Euro). Taxi app services (like Uber) can be used as well.
The bus 106 goes from the Airport (Port Lotniczy stop), to the Main Train Station (Dworzec Główny (Dworcowa) stop). You need to go a bit straight and then right to get from the Dworcowa bus stop to the Main Train Station tram stops.
Information about tickets for trams and buses in Wrocław is provided here and here. Please, note that while on a tram or on a bus, you can buy the ticket only using a contactless payment card and then the ticket is coded on your payment card.

From the Main Train Station to the Conference Location

If you want to reach the conference location (see above) first, we suggest tram 4 getting off at the Most Grunwaldzki stop, which is on the very right (and a bit hidden) of this picture.
If you want to reach the conference hotel (the WenderEDU hotel, see above) first, we suggest tram 72 getting off at the Katedra stop and then walking to the hotel.

Lunch options

Below are some lunch options, ordered by approximate walking distance from the venue (all within 15 minutes).

For a dinner, we suggest to check the restaurants in the Rynek (Market Square) area.








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