Model Theory Conference
Wrocław, 19 - 23 September 2023


The registration is open now. We have limited support towards the accommodation of students and young researchers. To register, please write an email to mtwcwroc23@gmail.com specyfiyng:
1. Your name, affiliation, and university status.
2. Whether you apply for accommodation with us or you plan to find a place to stay in Wrocław by yourself.
3. Whether you want to present a poster.
4. Whether you plan to attend the workshop as well. The workshop is mostly meant for graduate students.

Please, do not hesitate to write the registration email described above since we will mostly allocate the accommodation grants on the first-come-first-serve basis (however, graduate students will be given the preference). If you are a student, then we may also ask for a letter from your supervisor. The registration deadline for accommodation applicants is June 25. The registration deadline for others is July 30.

Unfortunately, we can not cover travel expenses, however this conference is an ASL-sponsored meeting. If you are a student ASL member, you may apply for (limited) ASL travel funds. You must be a student ASL member to apply, and you must submit your application to ASL by June 15, 2023. To apply, please consult the ASL webpage.








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