Random Matrices, representation theory and free probability, with applications.

6-12.07.2014, Będlewo, Poland


  1. Octavio Arizmendi (Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas)
    Classical and Free Infinite Divisibility of Scale Mixtures of Boolean Stable Laws

  2. Nobuhiro Asai (Aichi University of Education)
    The $q$-deformed Bargmann measures related to Class I and III of Brenke-Chihara polynomials for $0〈q〈1$

  3. Monika Bhattacharjee (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)
    Limiting Spectral Distribution of Symmetrized Autocovariance Matrices under Infinite Dimensional Vector Linear Process and Its Application to Diagnosis the Time Series Model

  4. Ayan Bhattacharya (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)
    Heavy-tailed random fields indexed by trees

  5. Arup Bose (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)
    Convergence of a class of Toeplitz type matrices

  6. Jacek Brodzki (University of Southampton)
    The local spectrum of the Dirac operator for the universal cover of $SL(2,\mathbb{R})$

  7. Marie Choda (Osaka Kyoiku University)
    Operator Algebraic Shannon's Interpretation for Entropy-preserving Stochastic Averages

  8. Biswarup Das (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw)
    Eberlein compactification of quantum groups

  9. Maciej Dołęga (University of Wrocław)
    Gaussian fluctuations of anisotropic Young diagrams

  10. Gérard Duchamp (Université Paris-Nord)
    Noncommutative symmetric functions, bases in duality and representations

  11. Wiktor Ejsmont (University of Wrocław)
    New characterization of two-state normal distribution

  12. Rachid El Harti (University Hassan I, Settat)
    The Banach-Stone theorem for some Banach $*$-algebras and Applications

  13. Gero Fendler (Universität Wien)
    On the weak$^{\ast}$-fixed point properties of Fourier-Stieltjes algebras and of the Banach space duals of separable $C^{\ast}$-Algebras.

  14. Uwe Franz (Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon)
    Hunt's formula for the compact quantum groups $SU_q(N)$ and $U_q(N)$.

  15. Avital Frumkin (Tel Aviv University)
    The diagonal of real symmetric matrices of given spectra as measure space and Zuber Itzycson Harish Chandra integral over the Orthogonal group

  16. Jacek Grela (Jagiellonian University, Kraków)
    Diffusion of non-hermitian matrix models

  17. Takahiro Hasebe (Hokkaido University)
    Unimodality for freely selfdecomposable distributions

  18. Fumio Hiai (Tohoku University)
    Anti-norms and superadditivity inequalities in type $II_1$ factors

  19. Takeshi Hirai (Kyoto)
    Spin representations of twisted central products of double covering finite groups and the case of permutation groups (joint work with Akihito Hora)

  20. Vincel Hoang Ngoc Minh (Université Paris-Nord)
    Factorization and Renormalization

  21. Robin Hudson (Loughborough University)
    A causal quantum stochastic double product integral related to L\'{e}vy area

  22. Anna Jencova (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava)
    Quantum versions of the classical randomization criterion

  23. Un Cig Ji (Chungbuk National University)
    Quantum White Noise Differential Equations and Applications

  24. Marius Junge (Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
    Riesz transforms and harmonic analysis

  25. Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (University of Tokyo)
    Subfactors, tensor categories and boundary conformal field theory

  26. Søren Knudby (University of Copenhagen)
  27. When do Fourier and Rajchman agree?

  28. Jurij Kryakin (University of Wrocław)
    On the exact constant in the Jackson--Stechkin inequality for the uniform metric. The talk is based on the joint works with A.Babenko, A. Shadrin, S.Foucart and P.Staszak

  29. Seung-Hyeok Kye (Seoul National University)
    Separable states with unique decompositions and applications to construction of PPT entanglement

  30. Franz Lehner (Technische Universität Graz)
    Combinatorics of Cumulants

  31. Andrzej Łuczak (University of Łódź)
    On the commutativity of states in von Neumann algebras

  32. Marcin Marciniak (University of Gdańsk)
    Quantum symmetries of noncommutative torus

  33. Ion Nechita (CNRS, Université de Toulouse)
    Positive and completely positive maps via free additive powers of probability measures

  34. Nobuaki Obata (Tohoku University)
    Spectral Analysis of Digraphs and Coupled Oscillators with Self-Adaptive Dynamics

  35. Carlos Vargas Obieta (Universität des Saarlandes)
    A General Solution to Eigenvalue Distributions of Hermitian Random Matrices

  36. Izumi Ojima (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University)
    Holonomy as geometric template in physical emergence of Macro objects

  37. Adam Paszkiewicz (University of Łódź)
    On projections, quantum effects and solutions of some old problems on representations

  38. Karol Penson (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6)
    Combinatorial sequences in classical and free probability

  39. Mihai Popa (University of Texas at San Antonio)
    Asymptotic Freeness and Matrix Transpose for Wishart and Unitarily Invariant Ensembles of Random Matrices

  40. Mykhailo Poplavskyi (University of Warwick)
    Annihilated random walks as an extended Pfaffian point process

  41. Yanqi Qiu (Aix-Marseille Université)
    The spectral measure of infinite random matrices with Hua-Pickrell laws

  42. Hayato Saigo (Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology)
    The Arcsine law and an asymptotic behavior of orthogonal polynomials

  43. Noriyoshi Sakuma (Aichi University of Education)
    On Marchenko-Pastur limit of random matrices with dependent entries

  44. Adam Skalski (Polish Academy of Sciences &University of Warsaw)
    Haagerup property for quantum groups and arbitrary von Neumann algebras

  45. Piotr Sołtan (University of Warsaw)
    A characterization of amenability of locally compact groups and quantum groups

  46. Kamil Szpojankowski (Warsaw University of Technology)
    The Lukacs property in free probability and related characterization

  47. Tatsuya Tate (Tohoku University)
    Powers of certain quantum walks

  48. Michaël Ulrich (Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon)
    Random Matrices and Free Lévy Processes

  49. Dániel Virosztek (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
    Decomposition of matrix variances and subadditivities of certain entropies

  50. Wilhelm von Waldenfels (Heidelberg)
    Measure theoretic formulation of quantum white noise

  51. Jiun-Chau Wang (University of Saskatchewan)
    Superconvergence to freely infinitely divisible laws

  52. Piotr Warchoł (Jagiellonian University, Kraków)
    Dysonian dynamics of the Ginibre ensemble

  53. Mateusz Wasilewski (Warsaw University)
    Amalgamated direct sums of operator spaces

  54. Michał Wojtylak (Jagiellonian University, Kraków)
    On the Weyl function for operators, linear pencils and structured random matrices

  55. Stanisław Lech Woronowicz (University of Warsaw)
    Monoidal categories of $C^*$-algebras

  56. Anna Wysoczańska-Kula (University of Wrocław)
    L\'{e}vy processes on compact quantum groups

  57. Janusz Wysoczański (University of Wrocław)
    Generalisation of anyon statistics

  58. Zhi Yin (University of Gdańsk)
    Operator space approach to steering inequality - joint work with M. Horodecki and M. Marciniak.

  59. Joachim Zacharias (University of Glasgow)
    Construction of spectral triples and quantum metric spaces

  60. Karol Życzkowski (Jagiellonian University, Kraków)
    On multiplicative free square root of the Marchenko-Pastur distribution (joint work with Wojciech Mlotkowski, Maciej Nowak and Karol Penson)