Będlewo 27. June - 3. July 2010

The workshop and conference is funded by a grant of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Banach Center, and Mathematical Institute, University of Wrocław.

The overview

The conference is an annual event aimed mainly at PhD students and young researchers.
Hour-by-hour program Confirmed speakers:
  1. Uri Bader,
  2. Enrico Le Donne,
  3. John Mackay,
  4. Panos Papazoglou,
  5. Eric Swenson,
  6. Jacek Świątkowski,
  7. Jeremy Tyson,
  8. Xiangdong Xie.

Full list of participants

About Bedlewo

Bedlewo conference center is located 30 kilometers south of Poznan, major town half way between Warsaw and Berlin with good train connections to both.
The Poznan airport has direct connections with Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Munich and Warsaw among others.

Scientific committee

Tadeusz Januszkiewicz (Ohio State U.), Jacek Świątkowski (Wrocław U.).

Local organizers

Światoslaw Gal and Damian Osajda.