Nadchodzące seminaria

24.04.'23, 14:15, s.HS
Marek Kaluba (Karlsruhe Institut of Technology) TBA Abstract

08.05.'23, 14:15, s.HS
Łukasz Michalak (UAM) TBA Abstract

Poprzednie seminaria

27.02.'23, 14:15, s.HS Recording
Ashot Minasyan (University of Southampton) Virtual combination of relatively quasiconvex subgroups and separability properties Abstract

06.02.'23, 16:15, s.WS
Martin Nitsche (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) Computer proofs for Property (T), and SDP duality Abstract

30.01.'23, 16:15, s.WS
Sam Hughes (University of Oxford) Algebraic fibring and finite quotients Abstract

23.01.'23, 16:15, s.WS
Yuri Santos (Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg) The cohomology of classical arithmetic groups Abstract

22.12.'22, 15:45 WS
Piotr Przytycki (McGill U.) Tits alternative for the 3-dimensional tame automorphism group Abstract

22.12.'22, 17:00 WS
Marcin Sabok (McGill U.) Perfect matchings in hyperfinite graphings Abstract

19.12.'22, 16:15, s.WS
Aleksander Antasik (IMUWr) Rational approximation of surface group representations Abstract

12.12.'22, 16:15, s.WS
Paweł Goldstein (UW) Approximation of C1 mappings with non-maximal rank of the derivative. Abstract

28.11.'22, 16:15, s.WS
Jacek Świątkowski (IMUWr) Splittings of simplicial complexes and of Coxeter groups II. Abstract

21.11.'22, 16:15, s.WS
Jacek Świątkowski (IMUWr) Splittings of simplicial complexes and of Coxeter groups. Abstract

14.11.'22, 16:15, s.WS
Francesco Milizia (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) Weakly bounded cohomology classes Abstract

17.10.'22, 16:15, s.WS
Alexander Trost (IMUWr) Conjugation-invariant norms on SL2(R) for rings of integers with infinitely many units Abstract

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