Michał Marcinkowski

Instytut Matematyczny UWr
marcinkow at math.uni.wroc.pl



-Volume and Euler classes in bounded cohomology of transformation groups
with M. Brandenbursky

-The Schwarz-Milnor lemma for braids and area-preserving diffeomorphisms
with M. Brandenbursky and E. Shelukhin
Selecta Mathematica

-A short proof that the Lp-diameter of Diff0(S,area) is infinite
Algebraic and geometric topology
Slides (describes as well the results from the later paper with M.Brandenbursky and E.Shelukhin)

-Qualitative counting closed geodesics
with B. Karlhofer, J.Kędra and A. Trost.
Geometriae Dedicata

-Bounded cohomology of transformation groups
with M. Brandenbursky
Mathematische Annalen

-Aut-invariant word norm on right angled Artin and Coxeter groups
Michigan Mathematical Journal

-Entropy and quasimorphisms
with M. Brandenbursky.
Journal of Modern Dynamics

-Aut-invariant norms and Aut-invariant quasimorphisms on free and surface groups
with M. Brandenbursky.
Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici

-Burghelea conjecture and asymptotic dimension of groups
with A. Engel
Journal of Topology and Analysis

-Gromov PSC conjecture and rationally inessential macroscopically large manifolds
Journal of Topology

-Cancellation norm and the geometry of biinvariant word metrics
with M.Brandenbursky, Ś.Gal and J.Kędra
Glasgow Mathematical Journal
Addendum: a simple program to compute the biinvariant word metric on the free group biinv.tar.

-Aperiodic tilings of manifolds of intermediate growth
with P. W. Nowak
Groups, Geometry and Dynamics


Summer School on Aspherical Spaces, Island Frauenchiemsee, 23-28 September 2018.
Non-Positively Curved Groups and Spaces in Regensburg, 18-22 September 2017.
Large Scale Dimensions in Regensburg, 25-29 July 2016.
Seminar: Coxeter Groups, SS 2016.



DGT seminar in Wrocław
GGT in Warsaw
Olimpiada Matematyczna
Fundacja Matematyków Wrocławskich