16 - 22.08.2009, Będlewo, Poland


  1. Luigi Accardi (Roma)
    Renormalization and central extensions of Lie algebras.

  2. Michał Adamczyk (Łódź)
    On analysis of quantum states by generalized quantum measurement.

  3. Helene Airault (Insset-LAMFA)
    Invariant measures, unitarizing measures, the example of the Poincar\'e disk.

  4. Michael Anshelevich (Texas A&M)
    Characterizations of free Meixner distributions.

  5. Nobuhiro Asai (Aichi)
    Probability Measures on $\mathbb C$ Associated with the Jacobi-Szeg{\"o} Parameters of Orthogonal Polynomials.

  6. Teodor Banica (Toulouse)
    The row algebra of a free quantum group.

  7. Viacheslav Belavkin (Nottingham)
    Fock modules of Krein $L$--modules, affine $*$--algebras and harmonic analysis of quantum Levy--Brownian motion.

  8. Maciej Burnecki (Wrocław)
    Noncommutative analogs of symmetric polynomials.

  9. Marie Choda (Osaka Kyoiku)
    Fourier expansions and inner conjugacy class of subfactors.

  10. Steve Curran (Berkeley)
    De Finetti theorems for easy quantum groups (joint work with T. Banica and R. Speicher).

  11. P. K. Das (Kolkata)
    Interaction of a three--level atom with a single--mode field in a two photon resonant cavity.

  12. Santanu Dey (Greifswald)
    Liftings of covariant representations.

  13. Rachid El Harti (Settat)
    On $C^\ast$-locally compact groups.

  14. Uwe Franz (Besançon)
    Characterisations of Idempotent States on Quantum Groups.

  15. Takahiro Hasebe (Kyoto)
    Time-independent properties of monotone convolution semigroups.

  16. Fumio Hiai (Tohoku)
    Riemannian metrics on positive definite matrices related to means (joint work with D. Petz).

  17. Melanie Hinz (Wrocław)
    Multiplicative square of the free Poisson measure.

  18. Takeshi Hirai (Kyoto)
    Projective representations and spin characters of finite and infinite complex reflection groups.

  19. Robin Hudson (Loughborough)
    Unitary causal and double products in non-Fock quantum stochastic calculus.

  20. Un Cig Ji (Chungbuk)
    Transformations on Boson Fock Space.

  21. Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (Tokyo)
    Superconformal field theory, Moonshine and operator algebras.

  22. Dorota Kępa (Lublin)
    Statistics of animals on unbounded irregular graphs.

  23. Louis Labuschagne (UNISA)
    Maps on noncommutative Orlicz spaces - joint work with W. A. Majewski.

  24. Hun Hee Lee (Chungbuk)

  25. Franz Lehner (Graz)
    Free infinite divisibility of the normal distribution.

  26. Eugene Lytvynov (Swansea)
    Meixner class of  non-commutative generalized stochastic processes with freely independent values.

  27. Marcin Marciniak (Gdańsk)
    On the structure of positive maps.

  28. Wojtek Młotkowski (Wrocław)
    Generalized Poisson measures.

  29. Alexandru Nica (Waterloo)
    Infinitesimal non-crossing cumulants and free probability of type B.

  30. Adam Paszkiewicz (Łódź)
    On notion of sufficiency in quantum statistics.

  31. Claudia Pinzari (Roma)
    A theory of induction for tensor $C^*$-categories.

  32. Gilles Pisier (Paris 6)
    Remarks on Non-commutative Khintchine inequalities.

  33. Noriyosi Sakuma (Yokohama)
    $\boxplus$-Infinite Divisibility of Free Multiplicative Convolutions with Wigner and Symmmetric Arcsin Measures.

  34. Aurel Stan (Ohio)
    Two dimensional non-commutative random vectors in terms of APC operators.

  35. Franciszek Hugon Szafraniec (Kraków)
    The quantum harmonic oscillator in $\ell^2$.

  36. Alexander Tikhomirov (Bielefeld & Syktyvkar)
    Circular law for random matrices.

  37. Reiji Tomatsu (Tokyo)
    Classification of actions of a discrete amenable Kac algebra on amenable von Neumann factors.

  38. Jiun-Chau Wang (Kingston)
    New features of free central limit theorem.

  39. Łukasz Wojakowski (Wrocław)
    Conditionally free semi-stable distributions.

  40. Stanisław Woronowicz (Warszawa)
    Quantum $SL(2,\real)$-group.

  41. Hiroaki Yoshida (Tokyo)
    Linked partitions and deformed Meixner laws.

  42. Bogusław Zegarliński (CNRS)
    Ergodicity of Markov semigroups in infinite dimensions.

  43. Karol Życzkowski (Kraków)
    On complex Hadamard matrices and their applications.