25.09- 1.10.2011 Będlewo, Poland

The conference will be held in the Mathematical Research and Conference Center (MRCC) in Będlewo. This is a nice conference center of the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. MRCC can accommodate up to 120 guests in 55 single rooms, 15 twin rooms and 9 two-room suites. Leisure facilities include sauna, bicycles, table tennis, billiard. Besides the Palace premises there are 4 meeting rooms with 40, 60, 100, 120 seats and full audiovisual equipment.
The large park that surrounds the MRCC is a perfect walking and discussion place. More information about Będlewo (tourist attraction, weather, etc.) can be found at


Będlewo is situated 25 km south of Poznań. Poznań is 3 hours by train from Berlin, 2h 40 min. from Warsaw and 1 h 40 min. from Wrocław. A new modern airport Poznań-Ławica is operated by (Star Alliance) companies: LOT (Polish Airlines) (connections to Warsaw, Berlin, Frankfurt, Muenchen, Bonn, Dortmund), SAS (Copenhagen) and Austrian Airlines (Vienna).

How to get from Poznań to Będlewo:

  1. By train to Mosina and then by taxi to the Conference Center at Będlewo (approx. 9 km, price 40-50 PLN). It is also possible to go by bus from Mosina (railway station) to Dymaczewo Nowe (3 km to the east of Będlewo).
  2. By train to Stęszew. Then by bus to the stop "Będlewo Skrzyżowanie" (2.5 km to the west of the palace, on the crossing of the roads).

In case you need an official letter of invitation (e.g. if a visa is needed to enter Poland) please contact the organizers.

The conference fee (250 Euro) will cover the accommodation, full board and conference materials. We expect to be able to cover living expenses for a limited number of participants, especially for young researchers. However, we will not be able to cover the travel expenses.