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Geometric and asymptotic group theory II

Geometry and Analysis of free groups

Lecture by Goulnara Arzhantseva
Problem session by Damian Osajda
Dienstag, 10:00--12:00, Raum D 1.07 UZA 4

The purpose of this course is to focus on free groups, their subgroups, and automorphisms in order to introduce students to advanced topics of geometric and analytic group theory such as curvature, randomness, and group C*-algebras. In particular, we will discuss the following fundamental concepts:
- Random subgroups and the technique of Stallings foldings;
- C*-exactness and C*-simplicity / (non)-amenability (introduced by John von Neumann);
- Growth and random walks

The knowledge of Geometric and asymptotic group theory I (Winter semester course) is not required.

Course assessment: Presentation or test.

The first hour (10:00--10:45) is a lecture, and the second hour (11:00--11:45) is a problem session.

Lists of problems: Blatt 1, Blatt 2, Blatt 3, Blatt 4, Blatt 5, Blatt 6