18-01-2017 11:15
, C-11 PWr (Wydział Matematyki), sala 2.11
Mixed norm estimates for generalized radial spherical means
Adam Nowak (IM PAN)
08-03-2018 14:15
, 603
Grzegorz Świderski (Uniwersytet Wrocławski)
22-02-2018 10:00
, 604
Jack polynomials and their (dual) combinatorics
Piotr Śniady (IM PAN)
Jack polynomials can be regarded as a deformation of Schur polynomials, a deformation which depends on one parameter. Their combinatorics was investigated by several prominent researchers, including RIchard Stanley. In 1996 Ian P. Goulden and David M. Jackson formulated several conjectures (which remain open until today) and which suggest that Jack polynomials are related to some deformation of the group algebras of the symmetric groups. During the talk I will present some recent results of Maciej Dołęga and Adam Burchardt.
19-02-2018 15:15
, 603
Large self-similar solutions to the Navier-Stokes system
Xiaoxin Zheng (Beihang University, Pekin)
22-11-2017 16:15
, 604
Stationary types in linear orders
Slavko Moconja

In the talk(s), the joint work with Predrag Tanović will be presented. We introduce the notion and do some investigation of stationary types in theories of linear orders. Most importantly, the relation of forking-dependence between realizations of stationary types is investigated, which turned out to be symmetric and transitive. We will show that the existence of some stationary types implies many countable models. Also, if all types over small sets (or just small models) are stationary, we will show that such theories are dp-minimal.

15-02-2018 12:15
, 602
Fractionally integrated inverse stable subordinators
Aleksander M. Iksanov (University of Kyiv)
A fractionally integrated inverse stable subordinator (FIISS) is the convolution of an inverse stable subordinator, also known as a Mittag-Leffler process, and a power function. I am going to discuss various path properties of FIISS including Hoelder continuity and laws of iterated logarithm. I will explain that the FIISS is a quite natural probabilistic object, for it arises as a functional weak limit for appropriate shot noise processes. The talk is based on a joint paper with Z. Kabluchko, A. Marynych, G. Shevchenko (SPA, V. 127 (2017), 80-106).
19-02-2018 16:20
, 604
Complexity of distances between metric and Banach spaces
Michal Doucha (Prague)
We extend the theory of Borel/analytic equivalence relations and reductions between them to the theory of Borel/analytic pseudometrics and reductions between them. This is in the spirit of model theory for metric structures which aims to generalize discrete notions to their continuous counterparts. We consider several classical distances from functional analysis and metric geometry, such as Banach-Mazur distance, Gromov-Hausdorff distance, Kadets distance, Lipschitz distance, etc., and show how they reduce to each other in a Borel way. It is joint work with Marek Cúth and Ondřej Kurka.
22-02-2018 12:15
, 606
Introduction to Compressed Sensing
Patrick Tardivel
Subskrybuj Seminaria