Some model-theoretical and geometric properties of fields with jet operators, PhD thesis, Wrocław University, April 2001, dvi or ps or pdf


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Preprints and Notes not intended for formal publication

  1. (with Anand Pillay) Subvarieties of commutative meromorphic groups, pdf
  2. Homological algebra (mini-lecture notes), pdf
  3. Algebraic curves (lecture notes), pdf
  4. Model theory (Şirince summer school mini-lecture notes), pdf

Slides from talks

  1. Strongly minimal sets definable in expansions of RCF (joint work with A. Hasson), o-minimal conference, Leeds, March 2006; seminar talk, Regensburg, June 2006.
  2. Definability in Differential Fields, Logic Colloquium 2007, Wrocław, 14-19 July.
  3. Iterative D-varieties via group scheme actions (joint work with A. Pillay), Atelier MODNET de Théorie des Modèles des corps, Luminy (France), 12-16 November 2007.
  4. Independence in positive characteristic, Geometric Model Theory, a conference in honour of Boris Zilber, in celebration of his 60th birthday; Oxford, March 2010.
  5. Transcendence in positive characteristic, Model Theory Conference in Seoul, May 2010.
  6. Unlikely formal intersections, Workshop Interactions of model theory with number theory and algebraic geometry, MPIM Bonn (Germany), June 2012.
  7. Model Theory of Fields with Operators, Tutorial at PhD's in Logic VIII, Darmstadt (Germany), 9-11 May 2016.
  8. Difference algebra and generic rational cohomology (joint work with M. Chałupnik), Workshop on Interactions between Model Theory and Arithmetic Dynamics, The Fields Institute, Toronto (Canada), 25-29 July 2016.
  9. Model theory of Galois actions (joint work with Ö. Beyarslan) Set Theory, Model Theory and Applications (in memory of Mati Rubin), Eilat (Israel), 22 - 26 April 2018.

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